Comprehensive Blog for New Ideas that are ought to be discussed and supported by the new generation youths.

The Idea:

The idea of this blog was all in the surroundings and nature. We are growing in the world towards science, technology, medicine and research. Still in some places we are overpowered by the conventional and restrictive values. Such values may be inhibitors to the cause of inventions. Thus we are out with something, just to initiate the feeling of freedom and power in terms of expression and creativity.


We are the students of science field and we all are in our twenties to present a world that is different and consoling. Various perspectives show the unique nature of the youth and that is what is worked on in this blog site.

Why Choose To Read Our Blog?

Well, we need some motivation in today’s world, right? So, we just try to bring out some values and points that can help anyone track himself/herself. We have topics, generally, on the recurrent as well as the old-fashioned topics and beliefs. Though, we do not intend to hurt anybody’s feelings on any belief and superstition, but we just try to bring out the logical and scientific along with the humanitarian reasoning.

We have topics on almost everything, but with we definitely try to provide a different view on the same topics that can be available in plenty on the web. Focus on creating genuine and quality content was the first and foremost objective to start this initiative of pouring in the new views.

What we write:

a. Articles on social, current, or related issues. Some content is thoroughly written for equality and women empowerment. Environmental issues have also been dealt with. Further, plans are being on providing some content on the passions and hobbies of the youth. Though, in every topic, it has been ensured about something which is inspiring and motivating for the youth, to be termed as Youth Empowerment.

b. Poems on love, nature, school lives, human perspectives and restrictive moral values. These topics have been written with a beautiful flow of mind and the poets have shown versatility on the topics chosen. Love has found its way up to the ladder and the women empowerment topic, is again, playing its important part in this section.

c. Bengali Poetry. Though the stock of Bengali poetry is scanty, the content has been successful in attracting some appreciation. The love being the main theme in this section. This section has been made looking into the importance of maintaining the exotic nature of a language, and Bengali language is one of the most literary and sweet language around the globe.

Our writers are just youth, in their 20s, and working hard in their respective fields, to prosper, in the meanwhile, working to express their feeling in the form of written gestures.

(In any case of Copyright or Plagiarism Issues, the admin of the site can be contacted via the email: [email protected]– Though it is ensured that every picture and content is genuine and such a circumstance will be heavily coincidental and accidental)