About Us

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About the Blog:

The group: Dusk Beginnings was all created to form a platform that would change the thinking patterns of the world with providing some unique articles with new concepts. We consist of the ‘Youth’ and Youth development our major goal. Unity confines at a similar mindset and that is what we are striving to achieve: A youth world with unity in thoughts, nature, behavior, abilities and yet a world with so much variation in talents and abilities.

Unique identity and creative analysis is what it is all about.

Just the beginning of something new to discover.
We provide interests ranging from all fields that can help engage all the youth form any part of the world to interact and share accordingly.
The topics shared are not for knowledge but only for representation of views that can change the world to the better side. We are not philosophical giants or Ph.D. in psychology but we are a part of the youth.

Youth which likes to think different, think carelessly, think unconventionally, and moreover think with logic.
Logic makes the whole world interactive and creates a space to encounter a complete unknown dimension.

About the Creators/Authors:

Avik Sengupta, a college student in his 20s,is the chief editor and writer with the tendency to bring out something out of the box, and tries to amplify on the main objects of natural as well as unnatural elements of the surroundings. Filled with anxious and experimental thoughts, this student writes something out of the box.

Moumita Ganguly, a college going female in her 20s, is the voice for all the women and men in the world, tries to implicate on matters that are sensitive and the idea generation quality is very unique to this particular youth. A whole new different styles is what can be expected and thorough research is quite her style.

Anindya Chaturbedy, a college youth with technological abilities, manages the blog quite wonderfully and procures the perfect role of an analyst. Born with the perfect mind to analyse the content and provide some quick and easy ways to optimize the SEO.

Mridanka Mahanta, another mind-blowing youth who has the amazing crack of discovering new ways of expressing attitudes in a way less than ordinary. Filled thrust of art and scripts, his complicated mind is surely a boon for the emergence of direction on the sands of chaos.

Kanchan Sharma, a beautiful mind with those poetic senses flowing like a newly born river. Trying her skills in this field of writing and she has, in the past, written some ecstatic piece of flexible poems. The poems are written with heart and conventional rules may not be always followed.

Supradipta Saha, the individual trying to hold the importance of the rich Bengali (an Indian language) culture and its importance through his influencing words of poetry. Conserving the traditional language and of the most beautiful languages is the duty of the youth, as well.