Someone in the Dark? Ssshhhh!

Horror thrills and mysteries make it a topic for the day. The darker they become, the more they circulate. Random queries and questions are enough to popularize a thriller Continue reading “Someone in the Dark? Ssshhhh!”

Best Friends: Boy and Girl

Can a boy and a girl be best-friends?

The question in itself is very interesting and requires some thinking when it comes to the transition of the old-new generation. So, this question must be answered by keeping both the perspectives in mind. Both the views have to be Continue reading “Best Friends: Boy and Girl”

That Girl!

   That Girl who smiles,
takes away all the stress to miles,
The Girl who cries makes us feel the pain in disguise,

Cartoons And Adults

We have all been through that age when we loved cartoons more than anything else in the world. That time is primarily the childhood. During that period all that we give importance to, is the subject learnt

Continue reading “Cartoons And Adults”

When Did We Die?

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These are the terms that are on the verge of extinction and need to be taken care of for a better World
The topic might seem strange and some might consider it as a grammar mistake, but actually this topic has a lot to question and a lot to answer for the current scenario: the basic strength of humans lies in judgment and self-consciousness ability. Higher order research and development skills are Continue reading “When Did We Die?”

Are We Wrong?

We are always the culprits of our deeds and thus a single question arises in the modern minds: ‘Are we always wrong?’ The answer is hidden within the values and cultures of our society. Surroundings and atmosphere is another critical factor to help create an interactive answer to the question. Many have this capability of achieving great things through incorrect knowledge or behavior. Continue reading “Are We Wrong?”

Analysis of Abstract Art By the Youth

Sharing youth opinions and views on the internet is well appreciated, if expressed in a natural and non-controversial way. We step up as the young generation who want to express the way we think and analyze art. Youth opinions are an Continue reading “Analysis of Abstract Art By the Youth”

The Game of Life

Whenever we play a game, we have to abide by the rules and regulations. The levels, difficulties, missions, persons, team-mates, warriors, enemies, etc. are all present to increase our interest in that particular game. There are various Continue reading “The Game of Life”

JOKER JOKER Everywhere…….

Dear joker,
The whole eternity lies to thank the prospect that enables all to rise to the most respectful and commendable position in life. Take it away and we are left Continue reading “JOKER JOKER Everywhere…….”

Those Screams of Death!

Screams of desire and disgust takes over the harmless nights,
Dreams of past casts darkness behind the twinkling lights,,
Chests of treasures suppress the voices,