A letter to the System

A heart-breaking letter was all we could find and this was all to depict the current situation for the system of a respected Nation. It was ensured to be written with full respect and with the least intention to hurt sentiments of the

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Friendship : Now & Then

We all hear that today’s generation doesn’t know what true bonding or friendship is. The elders often say we are pretentious that, inside we are just empty human beings. They say the people we associate with more virtually,

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Self and Solitude

Solitude is not something one can achieve easily, though most of the people in this world are lonely but not many people are alone. We always try to be with people, impress others, we depend on others but in the end we all crave some Continue reading “Self and Solitude”

Innocence: The Death

Innocence was at risk when it all began,
Risk of losing faith made it worse,
Cord of those late night laughers worsened the chances,
Makers of ramps provoked it 

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You: the Rare Breed

Sometimes, we receive some stuff that proves t be a visual treat to all. We care for our society, everybody does, but does that necessarily mean we all are doing something to change our surroundings? I guess not.  Continue reading “You: the Rare Breed”