Self and Solitude

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Solitude is not something one can achieve easily, though most of the people in this world are lonely but not many people are alone. We always try to be with people, impress others, we depend on others but in the end we all crave some solitude sometime in our life.

For leading a social life we need to interact with people, because we all know that humans are social animals. But in this rush of society, we fail to interact with ourselves. Don’t we?

sunset 1207326 960 720 - Self and Solitude
Self Discovery

If asked, “Who are you?” a majority of the people would say they’re a serviceman, businessman, artist, dancer, writer, student but these are the things that define us as what we’re in the society. Deep within we fail to reach to our own-self.

Now in this world, for survival we need to look into the inside. The outside is just a shell; we need to fill the shell by enlightening.

Solitude brings you a chance for self-improvement, try to let go of things and take control of your life. Spending some time alone brings self-betterment & self-discovery.

Once we know ourselves then you’ll never be lonely again, you’ll be all alone, alone with yourself. In many steps of our life we often take a wrong decision being influenced by others and then blame them for our failure. That isn’t the correct thing to do, right? That’s when we need to be alone and ask ourselves this question: “What do I want?”

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The Lone Survivor

Now it applies to almost everything in our life: from buying a technology to selecting our other half. Though the latter has many complications, but still 
choosing is important. The choice can be wrong, but you’ll be able to accept it easily.
You’ll find the answer that you need.  That’s the beauty of this, wrong or right you’ll know “I’ve chosen this”. There’ll be no more “if I’d have….” no regrets, only you.

But for this you must be true to yourself; think once, think twice think as many times as you want but don’t lie to yourself, you should know that either you’re your best friend or the worst enemy, fooling around wouldn’t lead to anywhere.

I have many friends; I’ve seen them suffer from indecisiveness. They seek the opinion from many people but forget to ask themselves and many times end up with a wrong decision. We all have gone through this phase at least once but we have to learn and move on. Once you ask yourself the question and if you stay true, you’ll get the best answer possible.

So, we ask you all to find a quiet place, sit there, get your nerves together and find the true you within you. Let’s be alone with ourselves and then maybe we’ll never be lonely again.

Let’s not forget:

Loneliness expresses the pain of being alone but, solitude expresses the joy of being alone

We all came in this world alone and we’ll die alone. In this journey, we have to manage. But in this span of time if you lose yourself then there is nothing that remains about the true you. The unique you that came into this world, that’s the true you. People will have many views about you from their perspectives and say negatives like you’re a failure, ugly, poor, and positives such as you’re awesome, successful, beautiful, so damn rich, etc. but those are completely their personal opinions and not yours. We ought to know our worth; find happiness within ourselves, not in any material. Get in to cherish your own company and chase your own dreams by avoiding living in another person’s dream. Rewards and success go hand in hand and identification of rewards for success is the motivation. And most importantly, we must make others realize their own-self too.

As the saying: “Sharing helps in growing”.

We invest our times on many works and deeds. Maybe we can find some of that time for our own utilization. To encourage self-development, introspection and motivation prove to be handy tools. Once we promise ourselves the solitude, it definitely has something to offer us. Meanwhile the past can be kept aside just to act as the strength capsule and nothing else. Stay strong!


– Mridanka Mahanta

Edited By: Avik Sengupta, Anindya Chaturbedy, Moumita Ganguly


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