First Times and School

Tears rolled down the eyes of the mother as she was preparing herself for the good night’s sleep for the day. She was very compound and delegated at the expression from her seven year-old daughter, who was pretty off-naught at the school-going practice and literally hated it at the first place. Nostalgia played its Continue reading “First Times and School”

Competition and Trans-KID

Recent time has seen a growth in civilization of the human population and as a result there has been an onset of competition among all the co-inhabitants, the males and the females. This fight has seriously proved to be the game for

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– ইশশ্ এই নতুন শাড়িটা আজই পরলাম, ছি! বৃষ্টিটা নামার আর সময় পেল না?

– বাপরে, এই রোদে……. না না আমি বেরতে পারব না রে, বরং তোরাই গিয়ে কাজটা করে আয়।

আচ্চা এটাকে কি mood swing বলা যেতে পারে? না আমি এই শাড়ি পরা মহিলা বা রোদে

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