Demons in Sleep!

You were peacefully having a great sleep and suddenly you experience something not normal, maybe you can call them demons. Either you have shifted to the new place or you are traveling, and these suspicions of someone constantly watching you all the time gets stronger with each Continue reading “Demons in Sleep!”

Cartoon for Life!

This time we are back with the topic of cartoons and for the second time, are excited to present the concept of the cartoons to the worldwide media. The thing that we are about to discuss is the real and the spontaneous meaning of cartoon for our readers. We want to keep the whole perspective of the Continue reading “Cartoon for Life!”

College AND LIFE

We all have a single opportunity to live called LIFE. There are various phases of life where we change our lifestyle and our approach to lives. Certain opportunities and occasions of the journey make us the sole customer of our own experiences. One such life-changing experience is the segment called: Continue reading “College AND LIFE”