Cartoon for Life!

Cartoon and Life!

This time we are back with the topic of cartoons and for the second time, are excited to present the concept of the cartoons to the worldwide media. The thing that we are about to discuss is the real and the spontaneous meaning of cartoon for our readers. We want to keep the whole perspective of the audience, ranging from kids to olds. Middle age will generally not find the implementation of this concept in the practical field but generally it does have an impact as well to them and We would like to gather a crowd with mixed interests and age groups.

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Two-sides of a cartoon!
Meaning of Cartoon:

According to the dictionary:

  1.  “A simple drawing showing the features of its subjects in a humorously exaggerated way, especially a satirical one in a newspaper or magazine.”
  2.  “A simplified or exaggerated version or interpretation of something.”
  3.  “A film using animation techniques to photograph a sequence of drawings rather than real people or objects.”
  4. “A full-size drawing made by an artist as a preliminary design for a painting or other work of art.”

According to us:

  1. An expression of the mind when it is at its supreme relaxed state.
  2. The lines of disappointment, rays of hope, strokes of desire and shades of belief, when unified to describe an individual, is known as a cartoon.
World of cartoons:

‘World of Cartoons’ has made a living for many and is still a growing field of interests for the artists. It has made an impact in Japan, as we all know, in the field of Anime creation and development. Directors, artists, producers are all working day and night to develop something for the general public in the countries to contribute to the artistic source of money income.

As a result there has been an increase in the number of aspirants who want to pursue art and drawing as a mode of living and contribute towards their country. Ideas, concepts, creation power, story-line creation, appropriate contents for the targeted age group, and proper approach towards the work are some of the challenges that the cartoonists have to face in their daily lives.

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Essentials of a cartoonist

A life of satisfaction and joy is all that is surrounded for them but they do need to think something extra to learn and teach through their cartoons to the targeted public. Some of the main objectives is to generate the interest among general public so that they are forced to get attracted towards their piece of visual. Just like film-making, this has something extra for adults in today’s world. A way more interesting fact is the ability of these people to manipulate the thinking of the young generation. What they show will be acquired by the children. The children of the nation and country to learn for good or bad.

What a Cartoonist means?

A cartoonist is a manipulator of the nation. Nations such as Japan, USA, Germany and UK have contributed to some amazing and informative animation series’. This has provided a whole new arena of exploration for the world at whole.

Walt Disney was brave enough to start something which industrialized the whole scenario of the kids, adults and the world, as well. That called for a start to something which no one could have imagined could take a huge stride in future. Something ‘out of the box’ ideas was all he was best at and finally he realized about the ‘demand and supply’ situation of the world.

Something was missing in the bag for the whole world to witness among the violence of the World Wars and this man was busy creating something for everyone. A new world of fun, addiction, satisfaction, skill, attraction, development and love was presented from a highly talented and skillful personality.

Development of Characters:

So, where do our characters, Tom and Jerry, Batman and  Robin, Joker, Goku, Naruto, Nobita, Dexter, Phineas and Ferb come from? Imagination is the main cause but to be true it is the real world which enables to think something out-of-order from this system of living. Every individual has an inner feeling of creating a change somewhere in the surroundings where he/she is living the same scheduled life for months and years.

The want to fly just like Goku and co., the want to capture the world of science like Dexter, to save the world from evil as in Batman and Superman series, the value of animals as shown in Tom and Jerry and Scooby-Doo series- all these must be the desires of almost anyone in the subconscious.

Cartoon towards life:

Life is unpredictable and serious. It needs a bit of pause in between when the brain and the body just cannot synchronize together to perform what it requires. Anyone in the world has the ability to at least draw a line or two to express something, nothing seems ‘non-artistic’ or ‘unprofessional’ until it is able to free the mind from the daily havoc. A single shabby and unplanned line can help to begin something extraordinary.

It is to remember that every piece of masterpiece sketch, cartoon or drawing begins with a single line and stroke.

Another remarkable feature of an animated soul is the ability to generate humor and meaning to even the most unnoticed objects and angles of life. A different angle of life is all that is required to make a drastic impact off-the shore.

To conclude, a varying field of imagination, power, views, entertainment, relaxation, development, motivation, interpretation and skill-management, the cartoons are well in the line to provide the environment and the minds what it desires. A never-ending hope for a sunshine can create those lines which develop into emotions in no time.

-Avik Sengupta
(Dusk Beginnings)
Topic By: Arunava Dey

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