Demons in Sleep!

sleep paralysis

You were peacefully having a great sleep and suddenly you experience something not normal, maybe you can call them demons. Either you have shifted to the new place or you are traveling, and these suspicions of someone constantly watching you all the time gets stronger with each second. You are concerned and frightened at the same time.

This night this was it; you get that shawl or that cotton bed-roll, which you cover up each time for a wonderful sleep, off the shoulders and get up to have a glass of water or to unload your bladder, and you watch that shadow or that man staring at you like a demon. You are scared to the core of your heart and scream and shout to yourself, but guess what, you are not able to do any of that stuff. You are stunned and slowly you are either forced surrender yourself to the demon or faint off, as shown in the movies.

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The House you may be living in, which seems to be haunted.

The next day you get up and imagine the whole sequence in a series to devise that the house you are living in is, in someway or the other, haunted. And then you decide to call the priest or investigators to the spot after couple more of those encounters. This time you are so sure and want that piece of demon to leave that house for good of your family.

Well these cases are very common and one may find its relevance in day-to-day such cases. Ghost manifestation in that Huge bungalow or mansion. What a regular cup of coffee it has been for a lot of decades. Old house means a demon-accommodation. It is a common interpretation and why not, it has always had some evidence to follow with it. We would love to discuss about it.

Basically it is a psychic thing and has nothing to with a supernatural. Yes it is a psychological behavior to correspond to that feeling. What makes us see those objects is the question and we would be obliged to share whatever knowledge we have on the topic and we would try to impart it with as much precision as we can.

Why do we see those demons?

The answer to this question lies in the impact of the past or expectations. Horrors of the future, past and present made it a very common thing for you to expect a negative energy impact you with impounding force. You dwell so much on the fear that you forget about the positives and those really inspiring faces to look for. All you could find is the negative feature in each soul and finally you are left to dream the most negative of the forms that can occur. Simply because you didn’t know about this mental illness, makes you believe that you really have a ghost or a bad spirit to encounter when you wake up in the middle of the night.

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The ghost of fear in your dreams!

Not that every thing is based on the your negativity, sometimes your surrounding negative people can influence you to see things which actually does not exist. For example, whenever you are told about a house or a mansion being haunted, you begin to fear for everything and anything- even the strings of wind seem to be a supernatural activity, the clouds seem to be different all of a sudden, the pond suddenly seems to disappear within the fog and mist. And there you go, there you find a ghost sitting in your bed wanting to bid you a hello.

Another aspect of the this cause is the scientific reason which every psychiatrist would tell you. He/she would tell you that this is happening due to a misguided sleep-wake schedule and this term is basically known as Sleep Paralysis. You would encounter a lot of sites and books where there is a beautiful explanation about this and we would just summarize it in the least possible words. Sleep paralysis is the condition that forces you to believe that there is a ghost or an unidentified object sitting beside you or on top of your chest. This phenomenon was described as “nightmare”. To be true, these are hallucinations and are just perception of everything unnatural and uneasy.

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Sleep paralysis- The world of infinity!

In the actual sense, we are getting into an in-between stage where we are neither fully awake nor fully sleeping. It is a stage of indecision which our brain misinterprets with our dreams coming out in front of our eyes, overlapping with the real world.

It is the dream world overlapping with the real world.

There is a phase of sleep known as Rapid Eye Movement(REM), which suggests that the phase where our muscles are in highly contracted phase and eye movement is very rapid from end to end, giving rise to dreams and images in sleep. Thus when you suddenly wake up from REM phase and then the contracted muscles remain in its contracted form, and the images hover around in front of the eyes, creating a world of horror and imaginative figures.

The best part is that you get paralyzed with the trans phase and then the muscles, and your brain give the best horror movie experience. Sounds, vision, inability to move are all the perfect signs of having a sleep paralysis.

Another factor that can make it happen is the subconscious mind, which brings on the state of negative thoughts and ideas to force us to believe in imaginative areas rather than actual positive thoughts. In such cases the thinking of the close people will influence your thoughts and at some point or the other you will get it. It is basically true and many scientists have results on this. For example, you may get affected by the negative thoughts of another person on you merely because of his/her subconscious thinking and ideas. Sometimes it may be an unintentional cause, but generally it is intentional from the ones who want to harm you in the best possible way. The thing that is called, ‘BLACK MAGIC’.

An example of Fear and negative influences

The best condition for visual appearances of spirits, demons and the dead is suicide. Whenever there is a suicide, all the demons and spirits start roaming around in the house all of a sudden, and suddenly the rest of the places get into the thinking of it being surrounded by that particular soul. Really? As soul can hit you, stop you, abuse you and even leave a gun-mark: quite fictitious, must say. Whenever you are told about the suicide, you tend to bring out all the negative energy whenever you encounter that surrounding or place. Suddenly your dreams arise and overlap with the real world.

It is the influence that makes and creates the fear of everything. If the energy within us starts to embrace the fear, that place and surroundings become a normal place. See its you who determine the fear and not the influences!

Fear Management

Negative thoughts and stress are major contributors to this sleep paralysis, ghost perception and false experiences. Our mind plays the game of fear and fake to entitle the heart with some bluffs and myths. They never got the balance of the perfect life and created a false world of their own.

Proper sleep, stress management, fight against depression, loneliness and beliefs and myths are all the homely and psychological tricks to fight off this state of sleep paralysis.

Genetic disturbances and in-hereditary causes are also a reason for sleep paralysis. It is basically the case which runs into families, and now we may know the reason for the fuss running through the family that they are surrounded by ghosts at least one in their lifetime.

Stay healthy and stay alive is the motto to live a influence-free life, cheers!


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