Question of Self

Strength and belief

Let me ask myself a question

Dwelling inside me

For the most awaited reason

I am confused

I am just stuck between

Do’s and dont’s

I have tried to find myself

In the river which flows

Inside the wood

Inside peoples eyes


I found myself

In the nerves of my brain

In each and every cell of my body

I have tried to find myself

In hearts of others

In talks of the crowd


I found myself

In the deep web of my flaws

In my own beating heart

Let me think again

Do I know myself completely? ??

Or it’s just the knowledge

That others have provided me

I want to know myself

I want to know

That what’s my position? ??

On the top or bottom

On the spring or autumn

But wait!!!

Do not tell me

Do not give me any answer

I want to search it myself

That what I am??

Good Bad or Worst


Desarrollo Personal - Question of Self
When you move up in Life!

Do not answer me

I want to find it on my own

I want to stand on my own criteria of being what and who I am….

I want to set up own rule

For being good or bad

I have searched myself

In the dreams of others

I have lost myself

Of being someone

What others want me to be


heart 741499 960 720 - Question of Self
Just Believe!

Let me think again

Let me run through my

Heart and soul

Through my

Eyes and brain

Through my


Let me hear the rhythm of my heart

Let me flow with my running blood

Let me find myself

Let me meet myself. …..

Knowing yourself becomes most important when you are in that phase of your life were no one tries to accept for who you are rather they want to mold you in such a way that you fit their criteria.

Never let the bird of your soul to get locked in the expectation of others…

Always allow your soul bird

To fly with the beautiful flow.


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