Weep of Disgrace

“Did she reach home?” “No she didn’t !”,

It was 9 and still she hadn’t,,

Her Dad questioned in anger,her Mom replied with fear,

So worried she was, not even a knock she could hear. Continue reading “Weep of Disgrace”

Unsaid and Unrated Love

“Do we have time together?”- the girl asked in a fearful yet polite voice.
As expected the boy did not have an answer to the question. But with a strong and certain smile he replied, “Yeah sure, we have a lot of time.” Something was left unsaid and that made them to remain silent for the rest of the time.

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Love and more Love!

Love is in the air with the arrival of the Love season and lovers will be seen all around the corner to celebrate their love for each other. Couples will spend some beautiful time together and make it a day worth remembering. But the question really is, how do unmarried, young and cute couples

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First Times and School

Tears rolled down the eyes of the mother as she was preparing herself for the good night’s sleep for the day. She was very compound and delegated at the expression from her seven year-old daughter, who was pretty off-naught at the school-going practice and literally hated it at the first place. Nostalgia played its Continue reading “First Times and School”


– ইশশ্ এই নতুন শাড়িটা আজই পরলাম, ছি! বৃষ্টিটা নামার আর সময় পেল না?

– বাপরে, এই রোদে……. না না আমি বেরতে পারব না রে, বরং তোরাই গিয়ে কাজটা করে আয়।

আচ্চা এটাকে কি mood swing বলা যেতে পারে? না আমি এই শাড়ি পরা মহিলা বা রোদে

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Joys of being a Child!


The first day of school, was not less than a horror drama

For a whole day a child goes into trauma,

New faces, new mentors seemed to be not less that Halloween ghosts

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Horror of Voices


Beats of tremendous uncertain voices weakened the soul of comfort,

All I was left with was the horror of the unknown refract,

Erratic heartbeats and sudden urgency of vagueness dominated, Continue reading “Horror of Voices”