My Country Needs Change!

Deep down the woes of cries and dismay,
Feels like we are trapped in the blocked traffic-way,,
Dusted with the hopes of the world to the Bay,
Make us the plastics pieces that lay on the Tray. Continue reading “My Country Needs Change!”

Weep of Disgrace

“Did she reach home?” “No she didn’t !”,

It was 9 and still she hadn’t,,

Her Dad questioned in anger,her Mom replied with fear,

So worried she was, not even a knock she could hear. Continue reading “Weep of Disgrace”

Joys of being a Child!


The first day of school, was not less than a horror drama

For a whole day a child goes into trauma,

New faces, new mentors seemed to be not less that Halloween ghosts

Continue reading “Joys of being a Child!”

Horror of Voices


Beats of tremendous uncertain voices weakened the soul of comfort,

All I was left with was the horror of the unknown refract,

Erratic heartbeats and sudden urgency of vagueness dominated, Continue reading “Horror of Voices”

All of You and Me

Your silence haunts me every single day,
You emptied one corner of my heart with loads of your memories,
Memories that I can think of with tears rolling down my cheek, Continue reading “All of You and Me”

That Girl!

   That Girl who smiles,
takes away all the stress to miles,
The Girl who cries makes us feel the pain in disguise,

Those Screams of Death!

Screams of desire and disgust takes over the harmless nights,
Dreams of past casts darkness behind the twinkling lights,,
Chests of treasures suppress the voices,