Demons in Sleep!

You were peacefully having a great sleep and suddenly you experience something not normal, maybe you can call them demons. Either you have shifted to the new place or you are traveling, and these suspicions of someone constantly watching you all the time gets stronger with each Continue reading “Demons in Sleep!”

Cartoon for Life!

This time we are back with the topic of cartoons and for the second time, are excited to present the concept of the cartoons to the worldwide media. The thing that we are about to discuss is the real and the spontaneous meaning of cartoon for our readers. We want to keep the whole perspective of the Continue reading “Cartoon for Life!”

College AND LIFE

We all have a single opportunity to live called LIFE. There are various phases of life where we change our lifestyle and our approach to lives. Certain opportunities and occasions of the journey make us the sole customer of our own experiences. One such life-changing experience is the segment called: Continue reading “College AND LIFE”

Patience and THE Journey

Stumped with the reality of disappointments and manipulations, we look upon something for motivation and inspiration. Peace of mind and patience are quite simultaneous with the approach of a balanced journey. We lie

Continue reading “Patience and THE Journey”

Need of the Past!

Past, this is what either haunts us or compliments us. Personal pasts are what we generally talk about, but did we ever think about something else? Something more cumulative and common? Not really, and those who did are now busy with everything except this ‘something’. What is it describes Continue reading “Need of the Past!”

My Country Needs Change!

Deep down the woes of cries and dismay,
Feels like we are trapped in the blocked traffic-way,,
Dusted with the hopes of the world to the Bay,
Make us the plastics pieces that lay on the Tray. Continue reading “My Country Needs Change!”

Weep of Disgrace

“Did she reach home?” “No she didn’t !”,

It was 9 and still she hadn’t,,

Her Dad questioned in anger,her Mom replied with fear,

So worried she was, not even a knock she could hear. Continue reading “Weep of Disgrace”

Personality to Motivate

We all have friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and foes. But the most interesting of humans are bound to appear before us when it is most unexpected. A totally opposite and different personality of ours, a completely different strategic mind and still a lovable being he becomes Continue reading “Personality to Motivate”